Type Of Data Transferred During Software Upgrade

Transferring the accounting history from one software to another is always a risky task for the owner and if not done correctly, his entire data may get deleted or lost. In some conditions, the data may get corrupted and the miss-match situation could arise in the accounting period. In such a situation, hiring a professional agency such as Astrum Accountants can be the smartest choice. They will help you in sage to xero migration and make sure that the transfer is done safely.

What data will get transferred?

Contact information of your customers

Contact information of your customers is one of the important things that you should never lose. It greatly helps you in offering long term advantages and allows your business to survive in the market. No matter whether any customer is presently buying products or not, you should always have their information. It allows you to make any modifications and implementation in the business.

Supplier’s information

Without the information of the suppliers, a business could not run in the market for a long period. It is because if the business does not have the products to supply to its customers or raw materials for manufacturing then they will be in huge loss. The situation gets worse if you get any urgent projects and do not have contact details of suppliers to get the needed materials. It takes years to build a relationship with the suppliers and contacting new ones can land you in trouble as you might not get the expected quality or the desired price quotes.

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